2014 Wrap

It’s been a good year.  First my gigs. I’m still holding down my steadies: Chickie Wah Wah with Meschiya Lake on Wednesdays, Three Muses solo on Thursdays and Buffa’s on Thursdays with Aurora Nealand.  In addition I’m playing solo keys Mondays for now at a new club called (and located at) 1011 Gravier.

I achieved my travel trifecta this year: Europe, Alaska, Brazil.   Also traveled out west per usual, 7,000 miles by car, 26 gigs in 50 days.

I sold one house, and bought another.  I’m now a block from the Bayou St. John, in my favorite NOLA neighborhood.  The house came with a grand, so now I can have house parties with two-piano shenanigans.   I’m 15 minutes by bike to most of my gigs.

As for 2015, I plan to have two new CDs out for Jazzfest, duets with Kevin Clark and Aurora Nealand.  I will also have an exhibit of my CD art with various collaborators at Buffa’s in February.

Thanks again to all of you who have supported my music and live and recorded music in general.



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