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Aurora Nealand and Tom McDermott: Live at Luthjen’s

Hello y’all: the wondrous Aurora Nealand and I have just released a live duet album. Covers of Joplin, Chopin, Tom Waits, Carole King and other unlikely partners. Much more like our Buffa’s shows than our last, more experimental CD, “City … Continue reading

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New Scott Joplin Recording

Hello everyone, I’m pleased to announce the release of “Tom McDermott Meets Scott Joplin,” my first recording to focus entirely on another composer’s work. I started playing ragtime as a young teen, inspired by Joshua Rifkin, Gunther Schuller and Max … Continue reading


Tom’s Christmas Gig Schedule

Dec 17th: Christmas Without Tears. Le Petit Theatre, 7:30. Annual show led by Harry Shearer and Judith Owen, with an all-star lineup: Jon Cleary, Topsy Chapman, Evan Christopher, many others. Dec 18th: James Booker Birthday Bash. Maple Leaf Bar, 7-9. … Continue reading

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McDermott Eastern Road Trip, July 2018

For further info, call me at (504) 400-5428. July 8-15: New Harmony, IN, Music Festival July 12: St.Louis, Mo at Joe’s Cafe, 8 pm July 15: Chicago house concert July 16: Chicago, A Musical Offering July 18: Rochester, NY, house … Continue reading

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Podge Hodge is Here.

I have a new CD, Podge Hodge, that’s a little different for me. It’s my 17th CD, and the first half is comprised of tracks from CDs I don’t sell any longer for whatever reason. I’m curating myself here. The … Continue reading

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New CD with Chloe Feoranzo

My new CD with the amazing, new-to-New Orleans talent Chloe Feoranzo is out! With brilliant caricatures by David Silverman of Simpsons fame! Chloe will be on many of my jazzfest gigs, including the Fairgrounds, Buffa’s, both piano nights, Louisiana Music … Continue reading

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Tom’s New Book of Limericks

My new book of 176 limericks and 34 sketches was officially published on April 1 by Sagging Meniscus Press! I will have reading/piano performances at Blue Cypress Books on Monday, April 17 and Octavia Books on April 18, both at … Continue reading

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The Gist of My Talk At Harvard, 3/27

MY HOUSE I’ve had difficulty tracing the history of 625 Hagan. A New Orleans map from 1878 shows a building about fifty feet away. The earliest written (notarial) record I’ve found dates from 1906, as part of a larger parcel, … Continue reading

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2016 Eastern USA Road Trip Info

Hey everyone, here’s some info on my upcoming road trip. If you need more, drop me a line at All shows solo piano unless noted. August 13: Jacksonville. Clara White Theatre North, 2711 Edison Avenue. 8 pm, $20. Auugst … Continue reading

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McDermott Jazzfest Gig Schedule

Hello everyone, l’ll be doing my regular Thursday gigs: 5-7 solo at Three Muses and 8-11 at Buffa’s with Aurora Nealand. All three of my performances at the Fairgrounds will take place Friday April 29; with my band, Tom McDermott … Continue reading

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