At this time I have these steady gigs in New Orleans:

Wednesday nights with singer Meschiya Lake from 7-9 at Chickie Wah Wah’s (2828 Canal; 304-4714):

Solo piano Thursday from 5-7 at Three Muses (536 Frenchmen; 252-4801);

Thursday nights at Buffa’s (1001 Esplanade; 949-0038 with reedwomen/singer Aurora Nealand).

On Fridays I will either play with Aurora Nealand’s Royal Roses (usually the first Friday of the month) or at the Bombay Club from 630-830. I travel a bit and sub out gigs, so it’s always best to call first.


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7 Responses to Gigs

  1. brunetaud says:

    hello Tom
    my girlfriend is in nola
    are u playing this week, id like her to come and seeu play ..
    by the way i am listening your cd the crave , its very cool
    hope your doing great my friend

    can you confirm me if you play this regular gigs this week ?


    • Tom says:

      my apologies for writing so late! I’m still figuring out how to use this website. Write again if you like, and I will return the call sooner!
      Tom McDermott

  2. Glenn Leopold says:

    Hi Tom,
    Met you at Joe and Laurie’s house (he’s going to give me your
    e-mail) Alison and I are coming to NO tomorrow for a week of food and fun and music. Mike G. gave us his list of eateries. Would like to see you
    play if you’re going to be in town.
    Best , Glenn & Alison

    • Tom says:

      Glenn and Alison
      thanks for writing. My gig schedule should be on my website; you can call me when you get to town to confirm (504) 400-5428. cheers, tom

  3. Mike says:

    Hello, Tom. Will you be playing this Sunday (March 24, 2013) for the jazz brunch at Mojito’s? I don’t see you on their calendar on their website, but we’d love to catch you. Thanks.

  4. David W says:

    Hi Tom,

    Will you be doing both your steady Thursday night gigs (Three Muses and Buffa’s) on Thursday, Jan 16? I’m in town for one night and am hoping to make it to one of these gigs if possible.



    • Tom says:

      yes, I should be doing both gigs….make sure to come to the beginning of the Buffa’s gig at 8 to watch Aurora and I accompany the Buster Keaton short, “The Playhouse.”

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