New Recordings From Tom

Hey everybody, I have a new recording.  It’s a live duet recording with the fine singer Meschiya Lake that was recorded in March at Chickie Wah Wah and released in time for festival season.  We’ve been doing this gig for a couple years and have a good chemistry; she’s a special talent.  “Meschiya Lake and Tom McDermott” is available from the Louisiana Music Factory.

More news: music legend Van Dyke Parks (a fabled name in the music biz going back to the ’60s) will be issuing a best-of-McDermott CD soon on his Bananastan label. “Bamboula” will feature one Gottschalk tune, two Joplin rags from my Brazilian-jazz “Choro do Norte” album, and 13 McDermott originals. The selections -all culled from my CDs of the last 15 years- show off my interest in Brazilian Choro, Early Tango, and French Musette. I’m thrilled to be involved with Van Dyke, and look forward to concertizing with him later this year. The album is currently slated to be issued in late 2012.

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  1. Hans-joachim Fitzek says:

    you have an excellent style, and i want buy your CD The Crave, but your internetside does not work. Please fix it, cause in Germany i cant buy your CD….

    • Tom says:

      my apologies for not responding sooner, this website stuff has me confused. If you’re still interested in the Crave, let me know and I will try and dig up one for you.
      Tom McDermott

  2. Art Roberts says:

    I discovered tom through “Treme.” Gotta get some recordings.

    • Tom says:

      my apologies for not writing sooner, the website thing has me vexed. If you still want some CDs, give me a call: 504-400-5428.
      tom mcdermott

  3. Tim Erman says:

    Hi Tom, I will be in the Crescent City Oct 16-18. Will you be performing in town that week?
    Regards, Tim Erman

    • Tom says:

      my apologies on not responding to this sooner; I am behind the curve on this website thing. Hope to do better!


  4. Liz Rockvoan says:

    Can’t wait to purchase both of the recordings, Tom. Hope to see you when I visit NOLA, Nov 17-25.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    • Tom says:

      my apologies for not writing back…..I’m still learning how to use this website. Hope to see you next time you’re in town.

  5. Donna Aloise says:

    Dear Tom, Saw you in early October with my sorority sister from Syracuse University at the Mint and went to hear you at Chickie Wah Wah. I bought your CD Almost Native with Evan Christopher and would like to purchase five as holiday gifts. Can I order them though you directly? I paid $10.00. I look forward to hearing from you and may see you again. Sincerely, Donna Aloise

    • Tom says:

      Donna, I apologize for not writing sooner. I am not up to speed on this webpage stuff. Anyway if you want any cds you can order from me, or try the Louisiana Music Factory. Call me to place an order: 504-400-5428.

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