New Scott Joplin Recording

Hello everyone,
I’m pleased to announce the release of “Tom McDermott Meets Scott Joplin,” my first recording to focus entirely on another composer’s work.

I started playing ragtime as a young teen, inspired by Joshua Rifkin, Gunther Schuller and Max Morath. My first LP was “New Rags,” mostly originals. But I soon branched off into early jazz and eventually New Orleans R&B, Brazilian music, etc.

I’d not really thought of putting out a Joplin disc until recent surveys of other’s work showed me that I could put out something as good or better. It’s a different kind of Joplin album: half the tunes are played dead straight and half are Brazilianized, Cubanized, Mortonized, etc.

For now, you can order it from me ($18) at, or from the Louisiana Music Factory. After April 5th you can order from the good folks at Arbors Records. Thanks so much!

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6 Responses to New Scott Joplin Recording

  1. Howard Lebowitz says:

    I love the new Scott Joplin cd!

  2. Hello, Tom!
    It’s been awhile since I’ve seen (and heard) you. I’m playing music again, of the unusual kind, of course. Check out www, My favorite is “New Music for Clarinet & Piano”. Improvising variations, fugues, global dances, and dissonant clustery goodness. Good to see you’re kickin’ butt on the 88’s.

  3. Marion Gothier says:

    We bought this the other day at the show at Three Muses and it immediately became my favorite CD. It is amazing!

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