New Scott Joplin Recording

Hello everyone,
I’m pleased to announce the release of “Tom McDermott Meets Scott Joplin,” my first recording to focus entirely on another composer’s work.

I started playing ragtime as a young teen, inspired by Joshua Rifkin, Gunther Schuller and Max Morath. My first LP was “New Rags,” mostly originals. But I soon branched off into early jazz and eventually New Orleans R&B, Brazilian music, etc.

I’d not really thought of putting out a Joplin disc until recent surveys of other’s work showed me that I could put out something as good or better. It’s a different kind of Joplin album: half the tunes are played dead straight and half are Brazilianized, Cubanized, Mortonized, etc.

For now, you can order it from me ($18) at, or from the Louisiana Music Factory. After April 5th you can order from the good folks at Arbors Records. Thanks so much!

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